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Dragon's Toy was constructed in Fibreglass Reenforced Polyester (FRP) by Traditional Water Craft, Inc. of Largo, Florida, USA.  The hull is molded in one piece using tri-axial glass mat with alternating layers of chopped strand.  Each layer is applied by hand with the polyester being applied by pressure rollers.  After the polyester is applied the layer is hand squeegeed to remove any air bubbles and excess resin.  The keel is approximately 1- inches thick tapering to ~ inch at the top sides. This produces a very strong hull that can take on reefs with the best of the steel boats (I have pictures to prove it).

The deck and head liner are molded separately and then glued together with a polyester-microsphere mix that gives it thickness and rigidity without the water absorbtion problems of balsa or foam cored decks.  The interior finsh work is done and then the deck/headliner assembly is glued and bolted on.  All of this is done on a very impressive assembly line.

manufa1.jpg (11886 bytes) Dragon's Toy nearing completion in the final assembly area of the Traditional Water Craft Factory in Largo, FL.

The whole assembly process is done using precision jigs to make sure the alignment is exact.  All of the pieces, including cabinetry are preformed and or constructed at the shops across the street. Because of the precision on the process only a minimal amount of fitting is required at assembly time.  This is the secret to how IPY can build a very high quality yacht at a price that is 50%-60% of their competition.

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Last modified: February 01, 2009