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Alaska '01


  The company that I work for offers a benefit where the
   employees receive a sabbatical every seven years. 
  Because I was on Ex-Pat assignment in Asia and later
  as a local hire there, I did not get to take my
  sabbatical in '92 when it was due.  I returned
  to the states in '97 thinking I had lost it.
  Before the benefits department could
  catch up to me, I had taken off sailing
  in Indonesia and Australia
When I returned in '99, they finally
This map is found me and asked when I was
generated using going to take my sabbatical.
Microsoft Street's & This came as a complete
Trips.  Not the best shock to me. After much
Ocean navigation tool agonizing I finally
but it gets the idea across. scheduled my time off
Click on the X's along the for the summer of
route to see more details about 2000, when I went
each point.  Some were stops we back to Mooloolaba
made, others are just points of to pack up
interest along the way. (cont'd)
Dragon's Toy and ship her back
across the Pacific.  Due to some quirk
of the longshoreman fees, off loading in
San Francisco was going to cost me $5000
more than either Long Beach or Portland.
Having had enough of upwind sailing, I chose
the upwind port (Portland) to off load thinking I
could make a nice two week jaunt to get back
downwind to Sacramento. 
When I returned to work, just for fun, I called up
Employee Benefits to ask when I was next eligible for
sabbatical.  I just about fell out of my chair when they told me I
was eligible in January of 2001 (only 4 months away).  That very
quickly set in motion plans for the next great adventure, "The Quest
for Tequila Ice."  This would be a quest to find the perfect glacial
ice (more on this later) to put in tequila on the rocks.

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