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Crew - Singapore to Darwin


Komoto Masak Dimana Hari Ini

The Singapore to Darwin run through Indonesia was crewed by the Dave and Dave show.   This made is easy on the capt'n as he did not need to see who was around, just a shout of "Dave!" was sure to bring a response.   This is also the only leg of the voyage so far to have a name.  Komoto Masak Dimana Hari Ini is Indonesian for Where is the Dragon's Toy.  We did always know where we were on the chart if not in life.

Dave Towle - I worked with Dave's wife Beth at Intel.  At a training we both attended I told her about my plans to going sailing.  She said her husband would love to join me.  She said it with such enthusiasm that I was wondering why she wanted him out of the house. 

He and his wife have sailed down the coast to Mexico from Washington.  Nice guy even if he is planning on buying a catamaran.


DAVEtowle.JPG (2663 bytes)
Dave Dion - This was his first time sailing on open water.  What he lacked in seamanship he more than made up in culinary skills.  Everybody gained weight on this leg.

He also looks a bit better than this picture, but this is the one he sent me.

Dave's first question to any local on pulling into port was "Where are the dancing girls?" (You're are real dog, Dave)



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