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The Crew


The IP37, while listed as having berths for 7 people (see layout) starts to get crowded with anything more than 3.  This maybe more a problem with me than the boat, but I think that 4 would be the upper limit for anything longer than 1 week.  Three people also makes for a comfortable watch system of three hours on, six hours off (although 4 people would give 9 hours off). 


Crew - Hong Kong to Singapore
Crew - Singapore to Darwin
Crew - Darwin to Cairns
Crew - Cairns to Whitsundays
In the Whitsundays

With this limitation in mind, I have sailed most of the time with 2 other crew.  Given that most people don't want to or can not spend as much time as I do on the boat, I have been rotating crew through the voyage.  The pages listed to the left introduce each of the people that have joined me along the way.

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of everyone yet, so there are some holes.

Everyone has had there strengths and weaknesses but they have all contributed to making this voyage a great experience for me.  I hope that the time we spent together on this small piece of plastic in the vast ocean has been rewarding form them as well.


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