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In the Whitsundays


Siew Pheng Tung - Soupy is another Intel IT staff as well as my fiancee,  She joined me for the Christmas holidays to sail around the islands and to see the sights.  I am still hoping to talk her into joining me for more extensive voyaging in the future.  The hardest battle I think I will have is she doesn't like to get as tan as she is in this photo.

Email: siew.pheng.tung@intel.com

Soupy.JPG (3314 bytes)
Weng Khin Tjan - WK is Siew Pheng's son, he has proved to be a fearless sailor in our travels around Singapore and again in the Whitsundays.  He doesn't always look this laid-back though.

Email: wktjan@yahoo.com

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