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Breakwater Marina

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Townsville is a government town.  The primary employers are the military and other government services.  It is also the location of Townsville Radio, the coast watch station for Queensland, although the transmissions actually originate from Melbourne.

We pulled into Breakwater Marina, a very nice facility, about 7:00pm after a long day sailing down from Hinchbrook Island.  This was a fairly quick motor sail with the wind giving us a break and moving off to about 50 east of our course.  It did get a bit rough in Haifax Bay with 3 meter seas smashing into us for about 3 hours.

The highlight of Townsville is probably underwater museum.  This is a very well done exhibit of reef life.  They even have a huge tank with all types of reef flora and fauna.  Definitely worth a stop.

Two days after Sarah and I arrived Andrew joined us and we set off for the Whitsunday's.

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