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Dave's Fish


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Dave and Dave had purchased all sorts of fancy fishing equipment and lures in Singapore.  Dion was adamant that we were going to have fresh fish as part of our regular diet.  They diligently put out the lures everyday and worked them to try and entice a fish aboard.  

By the time we had reached Kiromon Jawa and they still had not caught anything I was starting to think that maybe there were no fish left in Indonesia.  That concern was put to rest the morning when we woke up and all around us mackerel were in a feeding frenzy.  Into this melee, Dave and Dave furiously cast their lines.  Over and over again the lines went into the water, again and again they came back empty.  You could almost reach over the side of the boat and grab one.  If we had had a net, we probably would have had fresh fish.  As it was after and hour of casting, not one nibble.  The fish in Indonesia have definitely evolved through selective survival to know a lure from a live fish. Any fish that can not tell the difference very quickly ends up on somebody's dinner table.

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After 5 weeks of fishing unsuccessfully in Indonesian waters, Dave finally snags his fish. This was about a 5kg mackerel.

Anyway, this story was to be repeated over and over again all the way through Indonesia.  I had long since given up on the idea that we would ever catch anything when we crossed into the Australian Economic Enterprise Zone (EEZ).  The EEZ is the boundary approximately 200 miles out from their coastline that they patrol very strictly enforcing tight quotas on fishing.  We were about 5 minutes across that boundary when both lines suddenly had catches.  The starboard side brought in a 6 pound mackerel, the port side a slightly smaller one. We kept one and threw the other back.   I was thinking fresh sashimi, but the chef had other plans, beside we had forgotten to buy wasabe in Singapore.

These were the only fish we were to catch on the whole trip, but the one we ate was very good.   Definitely worth the wait.

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