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Malay Bay


Cape Cockburn

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We were all seasick after the pounding that we had taken coming around Cape Don and across the top of the Coburg peninsula.  In order to give the Capt'n and crew a rest, the decision was made to pull into Malay Bay and drop the hook for the night.  I was hesitant to stop so early in the trip, but then I remembered reading about a skipper that always stopped the first night out with a new crew, just to give them a rest from the motion of the boat and to recover from any lingering seasickness.  This would add a day to the trip, but in the end turned out to be a real benefit as the next 4 days were not easy.

Malay bay is a very quite, picturesque place.    Surrounded by woods and peaceful looking streams.  A note on the map describes the area as low sandy show, Buffaloes plentiful.  We didn't see any buffaloes and the low sandy shore was fairly wooded,but it is very well sheltered from both the prevailing easterlies and westerlies.  Once the motion of the boat stopped all recovered quickly, and Inke set about proving that she could match Dave D's talents in the kitchen, given a stable platform. 

There was talk of going for a swim in the bay as the water looked very clean and the day was hot, but then the conversation migrated to saltwater crocodiles.  In the end, no one went in, even though there was not a crock in sight.

Early the next morning, we hoisted anchor and set out to "cross the top."

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