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Lawries Marina


Mooloolaba (I think that is was originally Mooloola Bar, but the Aussies never pronounce the "r" at the end so why waste ink) is the yachting center of Queensland's Sunshine Coast.  Lots of boats, mostly cruisers passing through or staying on for the season.  Very different than  Airlie Beach where it was mostly charter boats.

The name Sunshine Coast is one of those marketing ploys that only a P.R. person could think of.  The weather pattern here is 5 days of rain then 2 days of sunshine and then 5 more days of rain.  But still the tourist come.  The beach from 20 miles north all the way to the New South Wales border is wall to wall condo's with more going in where ever there is a break.  Not sure why people want to pay good money to sit in the beach in the rain, but it is packed.

The Mooloola River is the only river on the Sunshine coast that is navigable by ocean going sailboats.  It has been dredged and built up over the years with very nice looking houses with there own private docks.  I wouldn't mind buying property here if the weather was just a little bit better.

Moolooaba waterfront.jpg (5262 bytes)

These houses are typical of the waterfront homes in Mooloolaba.

While here I have managed to get through a very large part of the list of work on the boat.  I am even getting close to finally refinishing the cap rails.  As this is a very tedious task, it is probably the last job I will do on the boat.  The only thing after that is to rub and polish the coach roof.  Then you know I am getting bored.

You may wonder why I am sitting here doing this work.  I am trying to decide if I should go back to work or not.  The stock price for my options has gotten high enough that it is very hard to walk away from them.  If I do go back to work I have to be there by the 15th of May.   Of course that leaves the problem of what to do with the boat.  Money! Such a waste of life.  Time will tell.



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