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Flores Island - West


Labuan Budjo

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On leaving Komodo, we took on a passenger, one of the rangers wanted a ride home across the bay to Labuan Budjo.  We needed to pickup fuel, so off we went.  A beautiful ride.  The whole way Towley was talking about setting up a charter boat company there since it was so pretty.

Labuan Budjo is a small town on the east end of Flores Island.   It is the only place to pick up supplies anywhere in the area.  We arrived about 3:00 in the afternoon and anchored in the middle of the fishing fleet about 400 meters off shore.  We then rowed into town with the jerry cans to look for the petrol station.  For small town Indonesia, this was a very pretty place.  It turns out this is a favorite stop for German and Scandinavian backpackers.  There are even a few backpacker hotels in the area.  That explained all of the blond hair we saw on the street.

Diesel found, we filled up the cans and Dave D. rowed them back out to the boat while I explored town.  Beyond the few mosques and couple of small shops there is not much along the water front.  I was told that there is a big shopping center "over the hill."  Unfortunately, we did not have time to go for the mall since we wanted to be out before dark.  Definitely a place that I would not mind going back to in the future.

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