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Water Spouts


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The passage from Labuan Budjo to Larentuka was about as straight a line as one could imagine.  The general sailing instructions are to go north to 8 degrees south and then turn east.    There is very little in the way of scenery or town along the way.  This did not prevent us meeting people though.  Along the way we were hailed by Viking Lea, a ketch from Australia that was working their way east.  One of the crew had an allergic reaction to a fish they had eaten.  He was requesting anti-histamine to relieve the itching that developed.  Dave D. came up with some good medicine that seemed to do the trick.
Fellow cruisers were not the only excitement that we had along the way.  One afternoon we saw a thunder storm up ahead.  This one looked a little different than the others that we had seen along the way.  On closer examination, I could see the beginnings of a funnel forming at the base of the cloud.  I didn't think too much of that until I saw spray on the surface of the water underneath the funnel on the cloud.  As we watched, a textbook perfect water spout formed about 1 mile off to our starboard side.  This was the first time any of us had ever seen one other than pictures.

While not something that I would want to try to sail through, we were far enough away that the water spout did not pose a threat to us.

Flores Waterspout

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