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Indonesia port of entry

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Nongsa is a resort on Batam Island in Indonesia that was built to cater to the Singapore market.  Located 12 miles from Singapore just across the straight, it makes for a very convenient place for yachts to check in and out of Indonesia.  The resort is very definitely a first class establishment with very nice facilities and friendly staff.  The down side to this, is it set the expectation for some of the crew that this would be typical of Indonesian resorts.

On landing, Dave D. established his practice for the trip of setting off immediately to find the "dancing girls."  The skipper stayed with the boat while Towley went around the marina to talk with the other boats.

After a bit, Dave D. returned with a group of young women who started to beg and plead the capt'n for a ride back to Singapore, explaining that they had missed the last ferry and had to get back immediately.  The gullible capt'n was just about to take them aboard when a big smile from Dave gave away the joke.  It turns out they were a Singapore group that were at Nongsa for the week at a company retreat.

Nongsa Girls.jpg (12998 bytes)

Dave and his 'dancing girls' aboard Dragon's Toy.  The ladies just about had the capt'n convinced to take them back across the straight to Singapore.

The fact that  he found some set the expectations for the rest of the trip.  He now had to find at least one friendly woman in each port.  I think Darwin was the only port where we spent a night that he did not show off the boat to a woman.

We spent one night in the Nongsa marina and headed out in the morning for lands unknown.

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