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Curtis Island


The Narrows

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Finally departing MacKay I sailed overnight to Keppel Bay Marina in Rosslyn Bay for the night.  The next morning I headed for the Narrows.  

The Narrows is a 21 mile long straight that separates Curtis Island from the mainland.  The trick though is at the middle of the straight is a section called the cattle crossing.  Here the straight dries to 2 meters at low water springs.  At high water springs there is only 3 meters of water over the crossing.

Needless to say timing is everything when going through.  Even with Dragon's Toy's moderate 1.4 meter draught, There is not enough water except during spring highs to get over the shallowest spot. 

To get the timing right, I sailed up the straight until just before the shallows.  I anchored there over night in the company of a fishing boat on a mooring.  It would have been very peaceful except for the tinnies (dinghies) zipping back and forth up the river all night long going from the camp sites to favorite fishing spots.

The next morning I pulled anchor about 2 hours before high tide and inched my way toward the cattle crossing.  I made it over about an hour before high tide.  Unfortunately I was too busy trying to stay between the markers to take any pictures.  I would love to have a high tide/low tide pair of pictures.

I wonder what it is like for the 4-wheelers that use the cattle crossing at low tide to see a sail boat go past them when the tide is up.   It was strange for me to see all of them lined up on the bank waiting for the water to go down.

From the cattle crossing it was a very pleasant motor south to Gladstone.

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